What's the point of living a life you just don't Love?


 If you have been putting work first, money first, the man first, the kids first and feeling exhausted and frustrated then it's time to put YOU first.

Get ready to be nourished and nurtured back to your true nature. 

And what better place than magical Maui, Hawaii? 

Join us for THE retreat and adventure to relax, refresh, renew and re-emerge as the blissful beautiful Goddess YOU are! 

You did it! You said Yes 2 You and you are ready to fully Love Your Life!

You wake up to the sounds of exotic birds, with the smell of the ocean, and a tropical breeze tickling your skin.


You feel excited to reconnect on a deeper, richer level with your being.


Making your way to the morning meditation, you walk along the quaint jungle roadway to the temple where you notice other women, just like you,  Soul Sisters, who are ready to finally be present with their own power and let go of the stresses of a mundane existence.


This is your chance to let go for a few days of bliss on the gorgeous island of Maui, Hawaii. 


Now is the time for you to truly be transformed into the powerful, passionate woman you know you are inside. 


Now is your moment to embody the Divine Goddess you are and fully step into Loving your Life!


Say YES to the magical possibilities that are unfolding for you right now...



You said YES to putting yourself first

You said YES to be all you came here to be

You said YES to the magic unfolding now

You said YES to speaking your truth

You said YES to opening your heart passionately

You said YES to receive support and nurturing

You said YES to nourishing your body 

You said YES to breathing deeply and living fully

You said YES to feeling what you truly feel 

You said YES to being fully seen and heard

You said YES to expressing yourself openly

You said YES to creating your hearts vision here on earth

You said YES to choosing to stand in LOVE!



Book before July 1st 2019

My Heart Says YES!

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

The Venue

We went in search of the perfect location for this retreat on Maui and it was really so synchronous for us to choose Hale Akua Garden Farm. 


A quite eco-retreat center far away from the hustling bustling hotels and tourism areas. A magical fairy land with the spirit of Aloha.


Hale Akua means "Home of the Gods" (and Goddesses).


Hale Akua Garden Farm and Pali Uli Gardens are situated side-by-side on the slopes of Haleakala, Maui’s dormant volcano, they overlook 30 miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline.

"Our facility is bathed in ocean trade winds and negative ions from the 150 foot waterfall just below us. We are also miles away from residues from gasoline, herbicides, and pesticides that all very present both in Paia and Kuau and on the other side of the island."

Hale Akua Garden Farm is in the perfect location for growing organic vegetables and fruits.  So, staying at Hale Akua Garden Farm and Pali Uli Gardens are wonderful places for  visitors who wish to be exposed to as few chemicals as possible staying on Maui. And because we are not close to the tourist areas, the moon and stars are gorgeous at night!


Hale Akua and Pali Uli Gardens have between them, two wonderful private pools and one shared swimming pool, where you can cool off and exercise in beautiful surroundings. Following our green principles, our shared swimming pool is a solar heated salt water pool. We are happy not to use harsh chemicals in our pools. We also have three private hot tubs and two shared ones and one infra-red sauna.

Each of the 18 rooms has an option of single or double occupancy, and are all themed around the Hawaiian culture and history. 


All of the rooms boast spectacular views of jungle, ocean, waterfalls or coastline. Each room has a choice of King, Queen or Twin sized bed, with shared or private bathrooms. 

Carol said Yes!

“…I just wanted to get my life but I didn’t know how to get off the hamster wheel… since working with Melissa and she showed me how to say Yes to me, Yes to loving myself, as soon as I stopped resisting saying Yes to me everything shifted…”



I'm all in!

Love Your Body Nourished

You deserve the best, most nutritious, delicious and nourishing foods! And we intend to give you exactly that! You can look forward to fresh, local, healthy, organic, plant-based, high vibrational, amazingly delicious juices, smoothies, and meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


You will also have access to as many snacks, fruits, and juices as you would like during the day. We want your taste buds to be delighted. Consciousness starts with what you put in your mouth.


There will be an abundance of clean, alkalized, mineralized water to drink, for you to stay well hydrated. 


And... Yes... we will have desserts...

...and CHOCOLATE (the healthy kind that your body loves!)

The Retreat

Sacred Fire

Release and Renew

Purifying and Empowering Shamanic Fire Ceremony


What would your life be like without fear, insecurity, confusion, stress/overwhelm,
exhaustion, “not enough time, money, etc”, “my soulmate is never going to show up (fill in
the limiting belief or thought) running the show?

Well that’s what we’re talking about!
Let’s burn it ALL up… anything that is stopping you from truly Loving YOUR LIFE!!

Now imagine what’s possible when you’re feeling free of everything that has been weighing you
…. like a Phoenix rising from the ashes!

Wonderous Water

Natures Nectar

Waterfall Adventure and Sacred Water Ceremony



So you’ve burned up EVERYTHING that you no longer want…

You’re feeling frisky and free…

Now imagine cooling off in the refreshing healing waters of Maui. Floating and allowing
yourself to completely relax, rejuvenate and receive just by breathing…

Just by being the True You…

Really, can it be that easy?


Authentic Air

Breath of Life

Deep and Powerful Inner Breath Work session


Whales exhale at 60 miles per hour, in other words, they hold on to nothing.

Imagine connecting with your breath, your lungs, your heart in a whole new way that you now see your life clearly, your path clearly, your destiny clearly and you’re feeling so confident you see it, feel it, BE it, create it, breath it, step into and live it!!!
This will be something you take with you and use as a road map for your NEW LIFE…

Step by magical step.

Embodied Earth

Connect with our Earth Mother and Wake up your Wild Wonder Woman Invocation and Activation


Mother Nature knows who you are. What if unplugging from the “busyness” of your day to day life
and letting her hug and hold you allows all of your cells, your heart, your soul, your being to
remember your magic, your brilliance, your JOY…and all of a sudden you are feeling, dare we say,
wild and FREE!

Like anything and everything is possible! You laugh and smile…

No longer is there just one possibility for you (like one job, one source for your financial flow, one ice cream flavor), there are many! OMG! that feels so good and spacious and expansive. You breathe deeply
and walk barefoot in the grass feeling so light!

Crystalline Cacao

A Sacred  Shamanic Cacao Ceremony 

With Ceremonial Grade Costa Rican Cacao


Would you like to be taken on a journey of orgasmic bliss?

Of course you would!

Think of the richest,
deepest, darkest, most decadent chocolate EVER!

You take a sip of this Divine elixir and feel its warmth inside you…

Your heart opens a little wider and you’re like "this feels ahhhhhhhhhmazing".

You realize what you always knew to be true... chocolate is medicine and
you are delighted!


"I AM"

Claim Your New YOU

Activation on the Beach


Would you be willing to

reclaim yourself…?

Would you be willing to actually choose who and what you
rather than letting others “project” and tell you who they think you are?

You CHOOSING you and claiming your "I Am" presence in truth, is a total life changer (think rather than fear running the show you
are saying "I Am LOVE" and then the love takes over because you've claimed it).

Your life is now being run by love and how is that showing up in your relationships, business / work, finances, and lifestyle?

Daily Yoga

Kundalini or Hatha Class

Alternating Daily 



We all know that yoga is good for us and perhaps  you are a lover of yoga.

Kundalini is the yoga that raises our vibration and consciousness and Hatha opens everything up up up.

Give yourself the gift of your body moving…

Opening up all the doors and all the windows and setting yourself completely free…ahh YES!

This is where you feel one with everything and everyone!

Alchemical Crystal Sound Bath

Deep and expansive 

Journey and meditation with the power of sound


Imagine completely letting go and allowing magical sounds and frequencies to vibrate through your body. This level of deep relaxation allows you to truly rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit and you emerge feeling like a whole new woman filled with fresh inspiration about what more is possible in


My Soul's ready to go!

Here's everything you're getting...

Put Yourself  First - Front and Center 

Whenever you fly in a plane, they always tell you that; in the event of an emergency, to put your OWN oxygen mask on first. Then assist others.


Why is that?


So that you CAN assist others, else YOU will die and you will be of no use anyway.


We will show you HOW to actually put YOURSELF first! It's not always an easy thing to do as women, because we have been conditioned to put ourselves last. 


The truth is, you aren't fully being in your true authentic power if you keep putting yourself last.


You feel exhausted, drained, overwhelmed, the list goes on and on.


Sound familiar?


When you say, Yes 2 You, you will finally break through this nasty habit that you may have unconsciously picked up from all the women around you, and put yourself first.


When you do, everyone wins…you, your family, your business/work…everything because you are living from your heart, your joy, your freedom!!! 


Ahhhhhhhhhhh…there is no better gift you can give yourself than that!

Feel lighter and brighter - with a spring in your step

Do you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?


The hurt from childhood, never feeling like you really fit in and always trying to prove you are worthy. This shows up in you trying harder to gain approval of some imaginary parental figure. 


You feel like a slave in your own life, you feel like a failure and a fraud because you have sacrificed your integrity to be liked or admired from people outside. 


Maybe you're feeling overweight, old, ugly, worn out, like nothing really ever looks 'good' on you. Using medication or substances to numb yourself out, so you can just 'get through' the day.


Finally, you can actually CHOOSE a different story. You can CHOOSE to say, Yes 2 You  and say 'Goodbye' to all these controlling thoughts and BE YOURSELF in a whole new, vibrant, fun and alive way.


When you do come home to you…the True You, all the heaviness falls away and you smile like someone just handed you the keys to the Universe…


YOU are now in the drivers seat of YOUR LIFE!!! 

Wake up every morning feeling Truly Fulfilled

You know the saying, another Day another Dollar...?


Most people 'spend' their lives chasing after 'the money'. As if when you have enough of it somehow you will be happy.


Is that really what you are living for, waiting for the weekend to arrive?


Do you feel like this? Do you cringe when somebody says the word "Monday"?


Many women wake up like this daily, having the same monotonous life over and over again. Working harder and harder and not really doing what they truly want to be doing.


Like Ground Hog day, feeling trapped with no idea how to get out of it.


It's another way you get stuck and feel like you can't really have the life of your dreams. Feeling dissatisfied and disappointed with life. Wondering where all your dreams went.


When you say, Yes 2 You, you will free yourself from this ongoing cycle and finally break free from this program that is running your life.


When you do, Oh My Goodness, there is space for you to share the seeds of YOUR SOUL...feeling truly turned on to you and loving your life!!




Here's an overview of what you will receive on the 5 day / 4 night in-person Yes 2 You Retreat Love Your Life Adventure in Magical Maui, Hawaii:

  • Morning Mantra/Meditation daily (optional).
  • Morning Yoga - Kundalini/Hatha/ Salute to the Sun daily (optional).
  • Evening Yin/Restorative Yoga daily (optional).
  • Evening Alchemical Crystal Bowl Shamanic Sound Journey daily.
  • Reflection and Journal Writing time in the Nature of beautiful Hawaii.
  • Deep Connection to Like Minded and Heart Centered Soul Sistah's.
  • Soul Satisfying 'Gourmet Goddess' Vegan Meals, Juices, Smoothies and Snacks.
  • Group Transformational Training and Facilitation Sessions.
  • Application of Transformational Tools and Techniques Sessions.
  • Creating Your Hearts VisionTM Training and Activation.
  • Wake-up your 'Wild Wonder Woman'TM Training and Activation.
  • "I AM" Training and Activation on the Beach.
  • Divine 'Crystalline Cacao' TM  Ceremony (Chocolate Elixir Ceremony).
  • Sacred 'Natures Nectar' Waterfall Adventure and Water Ceremony.
  • 'Release and Renew' Purifying and Empowering Shamanic Fire Ceremony.
  • Wonderfully clean and comfortable accommodation in nature at Hale Akua Garden Farm and Eco-Retreat Center.*

This is all about YOU reuniting you with your true self, your true essence, your true power and your true calling.


We like to keep the specific schedule a surprise so you can just allow yourself to relax and let go, and know you will be lovingly taken care of.


*Accommodation is not included in the retreat price and can be payed directly to the retreat center - we have secured a very special rate for you!



"... these angels on Maui helped me return to ME!"

"Just in the last few months, I've been able to work through things that I've been holding on to since I was a little girl and SO much more. I'm truly blessed to have found these Angels on Maui to help me return to ME!"

OMG - Register me now please!

The Adventure



Come and discover the magic of Maui with us as we embark on an Adventure tour of the island. 


We will be playing in such magical places as Waterfalls, Beaches, Rivers with the purest most pristine water on the planet, lush tropical forests and volcanic mountains you could only dare to dream of, where you will dance with the angels above the clouds.


This would follow directly after the 5 day/4 night retreat. (29th-31st October). The perfect way to integrate you loving YOUR life adventure!

*Please note this excludes accommodation and food.

Ah! Yes to Adventure!

This retreat is totally for you if...

  • you are ready to feel like the True YOU (which does not include stressed out, overwhelmed, believing there is not enough time, money, men….you get the picture)
  • you keep thinking (or screaming out) there must be a better way to live life!
  • you have tried everything else to change (we hear all of the time “this actually works”)
  • you are ready to create and live a life you truly love
  • you know something else is possible and you don’t know how to get there
  • you are ready to stop stopping yourself
  • you are ready to stop being frustrated
  • you are ready to see the goddess/love in everything and everyone
  • you are tired of stuffing down how you really feel inside
  • you can’t take it anymore…your work, relationship status, family feuds (again you get the idea)
  • you are ready to live a life beyond what you ever dreamed possible
  • you are feeling stuck and you know a retreat and adventure will work wonders
  • you are ready to playfully step into fresh new possibilities for you and your life
  • you are ready for easy ways to have work that you love, a relationship you love, a lifestyle you love, finances you love
  • you are ready to go around your fears, doubts, worries, insecurities and go for your dreams
  • you are ready to totally remember who you are, why you are here and f-ing love YOUR LIFE!

This retreat is not for you if...

  • you are committed to staying stuck
  • you are not willing to open up to fresh new possibilities
  • you don’t like retreats and adventures
  • you are not ready to say Yes 2 YOU and go for living a big, bright, bold, bad-ass life
  • you think investing in your happiness is a waste of time and money


We fully embrace every woman who joins us and so when you sign up we will be giving you…

  • A Private Intention-Setting Call – A 20-minute call with Bev and Melissa to get you crystal clear on what you’d like to receive from the Yes2You Retreat and Adventure in Maui.
  • Pre-Journey Preparation Call – A 30-minute group call to get you ready and answer any and all questions you may have about what to pack, what to expect, and how to let go of any worries or fears.
  • Post-Journey Integration Call – A 45-minute group call after we get back to help you integrate the ah-ha’s and insights you received from your deep dive into yourself.
  • A 3-day Adventure option-- for the first 12 women who sign up with us – we will take you to our favorite spots on Maui…water falls, beaches, sacred healing waters, Kapu (sacred) ceremony spaces and maybe even play with the Humpback whales *excludes accommodation and food, but this can be arranged for an additional $777 USD
  • A Yes 2 You Journal -- which you can begin using today to begin being a FULL YES to you
  • A Morning Activation Meditation to get you energized, in your heart and ready for a magical day filled with the love that you are!
  • An Evening Relaxation Meditation to relax you into a peaceful dream state, where you dream your new life into being.
  • An invitation to join us post retreat for our Love Your Life Mentoring Coaching calls to keep your life expanding in the most magical and miraculous of ways

What's Included

  • Transportation - Pickup and Drop off at the airport if needed
  • Transportation during our 3 Adventure Days (If you are staying longer)
  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Meditations
  • Daily Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
  • Adventures and trips to Waterfalls and Beaches
  • Healthy Plant Based meals and snacks
  • Clean fresh high vibrational water
  • Time for rest and relaxation
  • Connection to other empowered Soul Sisters
  • Time for fun and play
  • Daily teachings and transformational healing facilitation

Bonus Adventure: 

What's Included & What's Not

  • For the 3 additional nights accommodation you would be required to book directly with Hale Akua (recommended) as early as possible, so its not included.
  • Food for the additional 3 days is also at your own expense, we can take you to one of our favorite local grocery stores to you can load up on anything you would require.
  • If you would like us to take care of the additional 3 nights of food and accommodations it would be an additional investment of $777.

All trips around the island as well as all the entry's to our most sacred and special spots is included.

What's Not Included

  • Accommodation at the beautiful Hale Akua Garden Retreat - you can choose your room and book by visiting this link tho the Hale Akua Retreat Booking Webpage.
  • Spa treatments / Massage (can be arranged for additional charge)
  • Shopping excursions or ultra touristy expeditions
  • Airfare to and from Maui
  • Visa's or Passport costs (if you are outside of the USA - you would need to check if you would require one and there may be additional costs for you)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Healthcare or Nursing facilities

Brandi said Yes!

“....Oh my Goodness! This woman has transformed my life in so many ways... In my business, in my spirituality, in my relationships... she can meet you wherever you are and she can amplify and grow the seeds that your soul is planting. She can help you to say yes to yourself and your mission and your passion and your purpose of your Soul on a deeper, more nourished, more rooted, grounded level than you ever probably have imagined. So, I highly, highly recommend her.”

Brandilyn Tebo



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Now $ 1497

Finally, I'm Saying Yes to ME!

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Retreat and Adventure Leaders

Empowering women to Live the Life they Love



Beverley Buckley is well-known as being an empowering speaker, singer,  crystal bowl alchemist, cacao shaman/ceremonialist, self-love catalyst and transformational mentor to women worldwide.


Based in Maui, Hawaii, Beverley has hosted many women’s talks, events, retreats and workshops and touched the lives of many women both personally and in groups around the world to “Love Your Life” and be a “Yes 2 You”.


“I think the most inspiring thing for me is seeing 'aha' moments with the people in my life, be it clients, friends, business associates, because truly it’s a reflection of me when I see that magic in others. I have so many things I love to do and I believe in living life to the FULL, enjoying the variety and unlimited possibilities all around us.” – Beverley Buckley



Melissa Bradley is known as the Queen of Magical Possibilities.


As a Life Transformed coach, spiritual adviser, mentor, Kundalini teacher, Reiki master and healer, she helps women to stop hurting and to start loving themselves and create fresh new possibilities for their life.


Her unconditional love, compassion and playful spirit helps her clients shift any and all pain from the past (from sexual abuse to divorce to death of a loved one) into a whole new life where they are free to love and share their magic with the world…


”You have been my saving grace.” — “Thank you for all this. More progress than I’ve made in years of therapy!!!”

So, are you going to follow your heart and say YES 2 YOU?!

Yes, I have a question about the retreat...

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